Virginia Norman


Peace came down one night long ago,
as a star shone bright with a brilliant glow.
Peace was born in a cattle stall,
a helpless babe who was Lord of all.
Peace came to a world that was filled with fear.
Yet the hope of the world was drawing near.

Peace came to shepherds alone in the night,
when a angel appeared in marvelous light!
He came with good news that a Savior was born,
and peace was proclaimed to a world that was torn.
An army of angels appeared in the sky,
proclaiming God's glory, "peace to men" from on high.

Peace came to wise men in lands far away,
as a star in the heavens showed them the way.
The star was a portent that spoke of a king,
and wise men traveled, their treasures to bring.
On finding the Child, they worshipped with joy.
Their hearts filled with peace at the sight of this Boy.

Peace still comes today in the darkest of night,
From Jesus, the Christ, whose life sets things right.
Peace can be found as we look to the Lord.
One who by heaven and earth is adored!
Peace beyond measure is given to all
Who hear the Lord speaking and answer His call.

We must not despair in the days which we live,
for God's on His throne and in Him do we live.
God calls us to love with His love beyond measure.
His love is hope, peace and a grace-filled treasure!
He is Lord of all! He is King of all Kings!
Let your praises arise, and let your heart sing!









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