In My Garden



Walking in My Garden one day
Enjoying life where death is unknown
I heard and moved without delay
Toward the sound of multiple groan.

The flower brighter than eternal day
Revealed a speck that no longer shone.
Love unveiled the price I would pay
To release the slaves of evil sown.

The speck, I brought under scrutiny
Was a universe, minute, stretching afar
Where in a distant terrestrial galaxy
Men of flesh, with God, were at war.

I left My Garden of celestial luminosity
Taking birth in a body easy to mar
To lift Adam's race from terror's sea
Exalting them to shine as the morning star.

Now My Garden of grandeur to behold
The flower brighter than eternal day
Has a story to angel's untold
Wears a crown forever to display.


Don Murphy©1962






Then he said to Jesus, "Lord, remember me 
when you come into Your Kingdom", 
and Jesus said unto him,
"Assuredly, I say to you, 
today you will be with Me in Paradise"

Luke 23:42-43




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